AI = Anaconda Intelligence

AI Linux beta version now available

This new release offers a couple of major improvements: the basis is now budgie-remix instead of lubuntu-core; and anaconda3 provides the scientific and AI packages such as numpy, scipy, matplotlib, tensorflow, keras, etc. The default Python version is 3.5. Desktop environments Budgie and Gnome3 are available. As before, a lot of AI-based games are available. This Linux distro is intended to appeal to programmers, students, teachers, and tinkerers. It is not a ready-to-use AI in the style of HAL, JARVIS, MyCroft, or SkyNet, but it provides some of the tools you might need to build one…

I suggest you evaluate it in a virtual machine such as VirtualBox. The ISO download is 2.14 GB. You’ll require at least 10GB of disk space; 20 GB is recommended. To change the desktop log out and look at the settings to the right in the top panel before logging back in. Please let me know how you got on and what improvements you’d like to see. Remember that this is a beta version so there may be some rough edges. But I do use it myself on my main PC. Thanks to all the GNU/Linux developers from Linus Torvalds onwards who made this creation possible.

Download from Mega.

MD5: a130451783698222823b12e4f3fab0a0

SHA256: cfdc127709c40349f1037022652a329224d951950295129c631b5cdfa3ba819c

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