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23Jan - by Alan - 0 - In Linux


When you start the program, there is an Earth globe on the left (NASA’s World Wind), the traceroute output in a window at top left, and a latency waterfall at the bottom right window.

I tested v 1.6.0 on Netrunner 14 (A Kubuntu spin).

A few small quibbles: The interface is very Mac-like (distracting if you’re not actually on a Mac); there’s no documentation other than a nice YouTube video and an installation note; I couldn’t get the sniffer to work (but that may be entirely my fault). The IP data and the geolocations seem a little inaccurate. Yesterday I was in Bridgend (I’m not far away), today I seem to be in Swansea.

There is a Facebook page.

Open Visual Trace Route components License:

Network API : Jpcap (GNU LGPL)
Ip to city mapping Database : This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind.
Ip to city mapping API : MaxMind (GNU LGPL)
3D Map component : World Wind Java (NASA Open Source Agreement,)
2D Map component : OpenMap (tm) Version 5.0.3 Copyright (C) BBNT Solutions LLC. All rights reserved.
Countries Flags icons : Copyright (c) 2013 Go Squared Ltd. (MIT license)
DNS lookup : dnsjava (BSD)

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